NYSA Presents... 3D in Virtual Reality!

Digital stereoscopes are the way of the future. With an affordable VR headset such as the Oculus Quest, full color stereo and video is possible.

Many ways exist to access stereo content in VR. We'll endeavor to provide details on a few below.

Access NYSA and other Stereo 3D Worlds in AltSpace

How to visit NYSA World in AltSpace

1. Go to the Altspace website PC or phone (PC recommended) and Sign Up for an account. If you link a Microsoft Outlook or Hotmail account, they promise "future features". SCREENSHOT
2. Download the free "AltspaceVR" app on either the Oculus (Quest/Rift) or Steam (Rift, Link, PCVR, PC 2D) store, install it and log in. SCREENSHOTSCREENSHOT
3. It is worth going through the tutorials see how the Altspace interface and navigation works. And take the time to change your avatar! You don't want to look like you just fell off the turnip truck ;). SCREENSHOT
4. Now to explore our world! The easiest way to access worlds using a provided web URL is to log onto altvr.com on your phone/PC, paste the URL, "Favorite" the world, and then access through VR.

Start by logging in to altvr.com on your PC or phone (PC recommended).

5. Click here to open the NYSA World in a browser tab. SCREENSHOT
6. In that browser tab, click Favorite so the world shows up in your Favorites when you're in VR. SCREENSHOT
7. Open AltSpace on your headset or PC. When it is loaded and you are in your Home, go to Settings>General and Enable Worlds Beta. SCREENSHOTSCREENSHOT
8. Go to Settings>Worlds>Favorites and click Enter on the New York Stereoscopic Association world. SCREENSHOT
9. Be sure to press the red microphone button to Un-mute. Others cannot hear you if the microphone is red! SCREENSHOT
10. You can also enter code IBH953 to go directly to NYSA World when opening newer versions of AltSpace. SCREENSHOT

How to attend a NYSA simulcast meeting (or other event) in AltSpace

1. If an NYSA meeting is being broadcast as an event in Zoom, the NYSA email and the meeting's phila3d.com information page will contain the URL of the event.

2. Click on this URL on the PC or phone (PC preferred).

3. Click on the "RSVP" button. This will change that button to "Interested".

4. When you are in the AltSpace app, click on Events>Interested and your event will display. You can click to enter when the event starts. SCREENSHOT
5. Rather than clicking the URL, if you know the Event Code, you can manually enter it when opening newer versions of AltSpace. SCREENSHOT

If you encounter any issues, please email dave at phila3d dot com.